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Shadow Hills Ranch

From the Desert to the Bluegrass

Shadow Hills is more than a working ranch- its a brand. Our goal is to be the go-to for all working ranch needs: providing high quality and practical horse training, sales horses, and events geared towards the western horse world.

Established in 2018, Shadow Hills Ranch is a 138 acre working cattle ranch located in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Starting with a small affordable herd but a big dream, we have grown into a competitive operation striving to provide the highest quality beef cattle possible.

Our equine operation started small: only taking in two or three horses that needed miles put on and a more consistent work schedule. From there we have expanded into the realm of problem horses, starting horses, and performance horses.

In early 2020 we started the next chapter of our operation: Western Horse Events. We started hosting a variety of equine events: Sorting and roping practices, a sorting buckle event, an introduction to working ranch cattle clinics, and many other educational opportunities.

In Spring of 2022, Sean was asked to take over as the Team Roping Coach for the University of Kentucky Rodeo Team.

Rebranding the Ranch 2023

Every business will get to the point where things grow, change, and turn the page. Our beloved Shadow Hills Ranch, we are pleased to say, has reached that point. It has become time to progress into the future. That means new look, new model, new location, and new operations.

In 2023, Shadow Hills Ranch transitioned away from a public facility and into a private operation. For the end user, this means training spots are extremely limited and offer a more involving experience to the client. Additionally, this means that the Ranch is no longer in the lesson/clinic and educational field, primarily to focus on the two new operations: S & H Performance Horses and Shadow Consulting and Design.

The story begins in 2015 in the foothills of Southern California. Both employed by a working cattle ranch in Simi Valley, California; both Sean and Hellena worked relentlessly towards the goal of ranch ownership. When they bought the property in 2018, the hard work paid off but the true labor began. Bringing the name Shadow Hills with them from the original ranch out in California, everything you see on property was created with the blood, swear, and tears of their efforts. Prior to Shadow Hills, the property was a tobacco farm with several show Herefords, a few years of hog farming, and at one point a few horses. The property has provided livelihood for families dating back as far as the early 1700's, as revealed by a small historical gravestone on property and records at the Cane Ridge Meeting House. History runs through the land deep! As of December 2020 on the two year anniversary of Shadow Hills Ranch, the ranch is called home to thirty-six cows, two bulls, and calving season coming up fast. They have completely redesigned the front eighteen acres into their dream equine facility, all built by their hands- from the stalls to the round pen, pasture fences, and arena.


Sean Callero

Born and raised in Southern California, Sean got his start into the world of agriculture at 16 years old working on an organic farm in Ventura County. Shortly after, Sean began to take an interest in horses, learning to ride and doing day jobs for local ranches in the county. After leaving the farm, Sean worked as an apprentice for an established and respected rein cow horse trainer, which is where most of the knowledge on starting and refining young horses was acquired. By 20 years old, Sean was working for Brandeis Ranch (originally Arness Cattle Company, nicknamed Shadow Hills), a 3700 acre and 1300 head operation, as a field cowboy and horse trainer. After years in the saddle all day, five to six days per week, as well as the changing California economy directly affecting the operations: it became obvious that the only true way to be a cowboy for life was to find a "real job". A mentor at the time was a captain at the county Fire Department, which lead the trek towards the California Fire Service. Obtaining an EMT certification in 2014 and working on a 911 ambulance in Los Angeles County on off days, Sean eventually got into UCLA Griffin School of Medicine's Paramedic program and became a paramedic with Los Angeles Fire Department in late 2016. Still active in the horse world and realizing it was unrealistic to own a working ranch in Southern California, both Sean and Hellena set their sights to Kentucky. Moving to the state in the fall of 2017 and one step closer to the goal, the ranch finally became a reality in December of 2018. From 2017-2022, Sean continued serving as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Northern Kentucky, all while operating Shadow Hills Ranch and continuing the true cowboy work taught and learned in the harsh desert terrain of the Southern California mountains. In 2022, Sean transitioned from First Response to the Personal Security and Consulting field as well as closely working with one of the most prestigious and historical Thoroughbred farms in the country.


Hellena Callero

Hellena grew up in Southern California in the small agricultural town of Fillmore. As a child, she was always a horse crazy little girl looking for any excuse to get near them. Although they couldn't afford lessons or a horse of her own, she spent tall of her free time at the local stables cleaning stalls in exchange for an opportunity to ride. She became heavily involved in FFA, and realized her barn addition went further than just horses, and she fell in love with livestock and ranching. Since she didn't have many connections in agriculture, she decided to pave her own way into the industry and applied for a wrangler position at Brandies Ranch, where she met Sean. She started at the bottom of the totem pole by cleaning stalls and grooming horses, but with her work ethic and enthusiasm to learn she quickly moved up to a position as an assistant trainer. Working with dozens of green horses on a daily basis, she developed a deep love for helping troubled horses and learned the importance of developing a bond and foundation from the ground up. While working 2 jobs and putting herself through college, people took notice of her talent with horses and started asking her if she would work with theirs. After building up her own clientele basis and beginning a career as a veterinary technician, she had finally saved up enough money to purchase her first horse in 2015, a Chestnut Quarter Horse she called Sawyer who is her main riding horse to this day. When her and Sean decided to take the plunge and move to Kentucky, they had to start all over with only a dream, 2 dogs and 4 horses to their name. She worked under trainers at several barns in the area, and continued to develop her equine skills and knowledge. She realized that she thoroughly enjoyed working with fearful and un-trusting horses to develop a partnership
It Takes A Village

Shadow Hills Ranch Sponsors and Supporters

In the equine business, it takes a village! We are so very thankful to have the support that we have! This support comes in many forms- from arena and event sponsors to feed companies, and all else in between! Listed below are the businesses that have helped make our brand what it is today! Thank you for your continuous support!

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