Facility and Capacity

Our facility consists of a 60ft round-pen that is connected to a 100x200ft arena. Attached to the arena is a livestock pen and a roping chute system for team roping and calf roping. The round pen and arena complex both have lighting capability via stadium LED lights as well as audio/PA capability. The footing is 3" of compacted class I base with 2.5" class I sand mixed with river sand (40/60%), which provides a comfortable and safe footing for performance and lightweight riding alike. The barn has four inside stalls with four covered stalls. Every stall has an auto-waterer and a hay feeder installed. There are six turnouts used in rotation for client horses. Other amenities include a wash rack, four-horse hot walker, and two "patience posts". Our newest addition to our Equine facility is an additional barn with 8 stalls, a full wash rack, and a six horse 70ft Priefert multi-speed panel walker for equine conditioning, rehabilitation, sales prep, and off-season conditioning. We offer several packages to clients including adding conditioning regiments to any saddle and discipline training! We also have a two acre on-site obstacle course; which challenge both horse and rider to a series of jumps, step-ups, drops, bridges, water crossings, a balance platform, and much more! Many of our training horses get worked regularly on the course to gain exposure to numerous tasks that might appear on and off the trail. Our cattle pastures are regularly used for horse training. The ranch consists of 120 acres of pastures with 17 acres of woods, numerous streams and ponds, plenty of hills, and countless encounters with wildlife- from deer and turkey to cattle and mustangs, your horse will see it all!

All training positions are determined by an application process and in-person assessment -or- referal from a professional breeding/training/veterinary facility.
You can also call us directly at 859-397-4940 or email us at
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