Shadow Hills Ranch- Fall Ranch Roping

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Shadow Hills Ranch- Fall Ranch Roping

October 24, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

$25.00 – $40.00

Shadow Hills Ranch presents our first annual Ranch Roping competition! This is an event that will be held every year in celebration of our Fall Branding which is the same week. Here’s how it will go down:


3-Man Doctoring:

Each team consists of three ropers. Several cattle are loose in the arena and will be numbered. The team will be told which
number to rope. There is a two minute time limit to head in the “open” division and a three minute time limit to head in the
“novice” division. There is a four minute total time limit to complete run. Once the cow is caught, the team member who did not rope will dismount their horse, drop the cow (if it is not on the ground already), and set the ropes (head rope front legs, heel rope hind legs) as we would when doctoring. The ground man will then put his/her hands up signifying the completion of the run. The team MUST release the head rope FIRST then the heel rope before exiting the arena.



– Rope on horn: any time a roper dismounts in the arena, he/she must throw their rope to the ground or a DQ.
– Any loping of the horse will be a DQ.
– Any rim fire will be an automatic DQ. A rim fire is defined as the rope touching any horse on the team.
– Roper can NOT hold a belly catch.
– Only one rope per roper may be carried into arena.
– Any conduct deemed to be unsportsmanlike by judge, will result in the DQ for that teams run.
– Rope swap have no penalty.

– Stop-and-Face: After the calf is headed, with all four feet on the ground facing the header. +2 pts if accomplished, but no disqualification or penalty if not accomplished. Stop and Face cannot be called after a heel loop is thrown.

– Cattle Roped Deep: If calf is roped deep, the rope can be DROPPED (not LOST) by the header. This will count as a miss. Deep loop must be pulled clear after calf is on the ground before time can be called.- If wrong calf is roped, the rope must be removed and team may continue. Time is not stopped.
– If a rope breaks AFTER the stop and face has been called, it will be considered a miss, the 2 points for the stop-and-face will apply and the qualifying headshot will be taken at face value. Two minute time (Open) and three minute (Novice) still applies.
– If two ropers head the calf at the same time, only one loop can be used to hold the calf. The head shot
will count and the second rope must be pulled clear after the calf is on the ground before time is called.
– A loop must leave the roper’s hand before it reaches the animal in order to count for points.
– Judges decisions: All judge’s decisions are final!

– If an animal is backed into a heel shot, it will be considered a forehand trap shot unless the shot completely encircles the hind feet as decided by the judge. If an animal backs so far into a loop that the loop gets in front of its front legs, a qualified heeler must heel the calf, and the other rope must be pulled clear before the time is called. This is considered a miss. If the calf backs in deep, but not past the front legs, then the loop can be pulled back and down for a forehand trap heel shot. This can be done from the ground.
– If a roper dallies on one high hock, it is considered improper handling, with 1 to 5 point penalty at the judge’s discretion.
– If a heel shot is in front of a front foot or feet, it will be considered a head shot, and will count as a miss. Another heel shot must be made, and the first shot pulled clear before time is called.
** Judges decisions: All judge’s decisions are final

The Open division is for all contestants, no matter the experience.

The Novice division is for inexperienced or beginner ropers.

Yes, you can enter in both! However, Novice division will be dropped entirely if there are not 5 teams per division.


Del Viento/Turnover = 14 pts
Scoop = 10 pts.
Houlihan/Backhand = 10 pts.
Back Door = 10 pts.
Offside Overhand = 8 pts.
Overhand = 6 pts.

Contra-Viento = 17 pts.
Del Viento = 15 pts.
Turn Over Hip=15 pts.
Backhand over the hip = 14 pts.
Backhand Straight Behind hip = 14 pts.
Forehand over the hip = 13 pts.
Scoop hip = 13 pts.
Backhand hip = 12 pts.
Straight behind hip = 12 pts.
Johnny Blocker = 10 pts.
Standard Hip =10 pts.
Backhand trap = 8 pts.
Overhand trap = 6 pts.


Misses = -2 pts
Animal Abuse = up to -5 pts.
One heal = -1 pts.
Lost rope = -5 pts.
Rim Fire = DQ
Lope = DQ
Rope left on Saddle = DQ


– May be earned by an overall smooth run, handling horses and cattle in a quiet, controlled manner = + 5pts.
– Judges Discretion = + or -2 pts.
– Completion under 1 minute = +3 pts.
– Completion under 2 minutes = +2 pts.
– Step over or 3rd roper ropes both front feet to lay critter down gently = + 5 pts.
– There will be a 20 foot ‘Rodear’ circle in the middle of the roping area. + 3 pts. for critter roped while all
are held in the rodear.
– If headers horse remains in the rodear circle when the run is finished = +5 pts.



Breakaway Shoot-out

An elimination-style event. You will go head-to-head with other ropers in your division making different shots with a breakaway hondo. This is a single person event.

You will enter the pen and be given a number and a loop type. You will have one minute to catch your cow using the given loop. If you miss, you are out! If you catch, you are safe until the next round. Last rider standing wins.

Loop types:

  • Overhand
  • Backhand
  • Standard
  • Offside Overhand
  • Scoop



This is a Jackpot event. Buckles to the winners of each division (Open only if not enough teams) and winner of the Breakaway Shootout.

Sign-up and Registration begins at 1pm

Breakaway Shoot-Out starts at 3pm

3-Man Doctoring starts at 4pm


Church service begins at 10:00am, all are welcome!


Overnight stalls are available for 10$/stall. Trailer parking included, BYO feed and shavings. Limit 8 stalls.


Buckle Presentations will begin once each event is finished.

***As of 10/20/2021. buckles have not arrived to ranch yet. In the event that buckles do NOT arrive on time for the event, winners will receive jackpot checks at the event and arrangements for buckle delivery to winners will be made. Winners will also be invited to brand with us in the week(s) following the roping competition.


October 24, 2021
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
$25.00 – $40.00


Shadow Hills Ranch


Shadow Hills Ranch
4749 Little-Rock Jackstown Rd
Paris, KY 40361 United States
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