Spring Roundup Ranch Rodeo

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Spring Roundup Ranch Rodeo

April 16 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Let’s send the cold weather away with some fired up competition! Bring those horses out of the winter pasture and dust off those ropes, because the Shadow Hills Ranch- Spring Roundup Ranch Rodeo is one you won’t want to miss!
2-man Ranch Sorting (novice and open)
Breakaway Shootout (novice and open)
1-man Doctoring (open)
3-man Branding (doctoring with a twist) (Pro/Am and Open)
Pre-entry available on the website. Spectators welcome!
Sorting/Penning is a Bluegrass Rodeo Association event. Ranch Roping is a Midwest Ranch Roping Association event.
Buckles to “All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl”, jackpot payouts to winners of each category. Sorting Open class rankings count for Bluegrass Rodeo Association.

Ranch Sorting Rules (Open division payout: 40%. Novice division payout: 30%)

Ranch Sorting is done in two man teams. The objective is to sort, in order, 10 numbered cows (0-9) in the fastest time possible. There is a time limit of 90 seconds (Open) and 120 seconds (Novice) to complete this task.

If a cow is sorted out of order, it is a disqualification (fault).

If a cow that has already been sorted re-enters the sorting pen, it is a disqualification (fault).

No swearing, vulgar behavior, and/or complaining will be tolerated.

All Judge’s decisions are final, and all decisions are at the Judge’s discretion.


Bluegrass Rodeo Association Qualifications

Ranch Sorting open classes are qualifiers for the Bluegrass Rodeo Association Championships. There are two qualifying ranch rodeos: Spring Roundup and Fall Works for the Sorting and Penning Division.

The top three (3) placing teams qualify for the end-of-year Championships.

Please visit the Bluegrass Rodeo Association facebook page  for details and dates.



Breakaway Shootout (Payout: 50%)

The Breakaway Shootout was an event introduced here at Shadow Hills Ranch during our 2021 Fall Works Ranch Roping. This is an awesome chance for ranch roping competitors to get last minute practice on live cattle prior to their 3-man doctoring (branding) or 1-man doctoring event. It is an elimination style event that was designed to give novice as well as seasoned ropers equal chance of luck to win.  It is a winner-takes-all.

When it is the roper’s turn, they will choose two cards: one card is the target cow’s number, the other is the type of loop that the roper must throw. The roper will have two chances to make a clean catch. If the roper misses the first throw, a new cow number will be assigned. If the roper catches, they advance to the next round. If the roper misses both, they are eliminated.

No swearing, vulgar behavior, and/or complaining will be tolerated.

All Judge’s decisions are final, and all decisions are at the Judge’s discretion.


Ranch Roping Event Rules: Midwest Ranch Roping Association (Open division payout: 40%. Novice (Pro/Am) division payout: 30%)

Traditional Gear (i.e. no tie downs, martingales, mechanical hackamores, easy stops, or rubber on horn)

We encourage western attire. No T-shirts, long sleeved shirts are appropriate. Cowboy hats, helmets, or no hat at all. No Ball Caps.

When getting off your horse, your rope must either be secured to the saddle or placed on the ground. No hanging ropes on horns.

If cattle are backed into a properly thrown heel loop, only 8 points will be awarded (no matter what type of loop is made.)

If cattle are roped deep (around their middle), rider must drop rope, cattle headed and heeled and ground man sets ropes, deep rope must be removed before time will stop. A miss (-1) point will be deducted. Ropes around the middle may also be stripped off the cattle, however a miss (-1) point will be deducted. A rope around the middle when throwing a hip shot may be stripped and used to catch heels? Maximum 8 points no matter what loop is thrown.

No loping until initial head catch is made.

Loping is discouraged in the arena even after the initial legal head catch is made; use common sense. Excessive loping after a head catch will call for disqualification. Loping is allowed to get out of a wreck and when keeping the rodear together.

Legal head catches are around the neck, a neck and front leg, a neck and a figure 8 around one or both front feet

If horned cattle are used, legal head catches will be the same as polled cattle except for around the horns or a half head (around the head and one horn).

If a head catch picks up one front leg, a same side single heel catch will have no deductions

Only one rope per roper may be carried into the arena.

Riders may pass rope to another rider when a designated ground crew is on the team, only when preapproved by the Judge. However, the rider receiving the rope must drop their rope first. Being in possession of two ropes at any time is a disqualification.

Legal head catches must be made in the first 2:30 minutes of start. If legal head catch is not completed in the first 2:30 minutes, team is disqualified. A total time of 5:00 minutes is allowed to complete the task.

Team placings will be based on points scored. Time will be used to break any ties.

No swearing, vulgar behavior, and/or complaining will be tolerated.

Enjoy yourself, your horse, the cattle, and the friendship with other riders.

All Judge’s decisions are final, and all decisions are at the Judge’s discretion.

Sorting events: $20/run, unlimited entry
Roping events: $25/run, unlimited entry
Breakaway: $20, one entry per person



April 16
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Shadow Hills Ranch


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