Working Dogs


Man's Best Friend

A single working dog can do the work of five men, so they say. Dogs have always been and always will be one of the most useful workers for any operation; whether cattle, sheep, goat or horses! Here at Shadow Hills Ranch, our dogs assist with many of the day to day work and we understand the importance of keeping a working dog's skills refined. With that being said, we would like to offer our practice pens and livestock to you and your dog so you too can be the best you can be!

Our training facility utilizes the round pen we train horses in. We are able to bring sheep or calves in and out of the pen to practice working stock whenever needed! Currently we are allowing stock dog practices on Mondays only and by appointment only.

There are two types of services offered: first is an instinct test and second is livestock rental for practice sessions. It is required that you and your dog have a basic understanding of working livestock and that your dog has a decent handle plus listens to commands. We ask that if you have NOT attended a stock dog clinic or proof of working stock (entry in trials, agility, etc.) that you complete a herding instinct test prior to booking a practice session. Currently we do not teach lessons, it is something we will be seeking to do in the future!

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