Ranch Services


Ranch Services

Here at Shadow Hills Ranch, we take pride in everything that we do. Whether it is training your young horse for a future of success in and out of the show pen, or providing you with the thrill of winning a buckle at a ranch rodeo- we aim for perfection! We do far more than just train horses and host rodeo events, and the list is continuing to grow!


Shadow Hills Sanctuary

For as long as we can remember, animals have been apart of our lives. They have brought joy, they have brought tears, and they have made us whole. There is no greater gift to mankind than to share a life with an animal. Thus, after years of considering, the reality will come true. Shadow Hills Sanctuary will be built in 2023. This is a 501c Animal Rescue that provides for those who deserve a second chance or are in need of seeing that mankind is not all bad. This is a "be a horse" or "be a loved dog", or "go do cat things" operation where safety, security, and care is provided. Adoption services will be offered, but not required. If you have the land, the knowledge, and the resources: why not do something good with it?

Coming Summer of 2023


Shadow Consulting and Design

Livestock and equine facilities are as unique to the owner as they are to the land. The needs, fuctionality, and reality of each build is not always met, and contractors do their best to facilitate the client's desire, sometimes not to the precision that is demanded. Shadow Consulting and Design is simply a tool to assist your arena, pen, and facility build. Utilizing a "been there - tried/done that" mentality and an understanding for facility capability, make your visions become a reality with state-of-the-art programs, model rendering, and best-in-the-business contractor recommendation/integration.


S&H Performance Horses

One of the newest additions to the operations list is S&H Performance Horses. While the name "Performance Horses" has gained plenty of confusion over the past few years, we are sticking to what it means to us. A Performance Horse operation is the showing, breeding, and sales of true Performance horses. Sean has a background in NRCHA from California as well as the West Coast rodeo circuit. Mixed with the real world experience of daily life cowboying, both in Kentucky and in the desert mountains of California, the sky is the limit. The operation will have its own Facebook page but the highlights will be placed under the "S&H Performance" tab on this website.

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