Ranch Services


Ranch Services

Here at Shadow Hills Ranch, we take pride in everything that we do. Whether it is training your young horse for a future of success in and out of the show pen, or providing you with the thrill of winning a buckle at a ranch rodeo- we aim for perfection! We do far more than just train horses and host clinics or rodeo events, and the list is continuing to grow!


Man's Best Friend

A single working dog can do the work of five men, so they say. Dogs have always been and always will be one of the most useful workers for any operation; whether cattle, sheep, goat or horses! Here at Shadow Hills Ranch, our dogs assist with many of the day to day work and we understand the importance of keeping a working dog's skills refined. With that being said, we would like to offer our practice pens and livestock to you and your dog so you too can be the best you can be!

Our training facility utilizes the round pen we train horses in. We are able to bring sheep or calves in and out of the pen to practice working stock whenever needed! Currently we are allowing stock dog practices on Mondays only and by appointment only.

There are two types of services offered: first is an instinct test and second is livestock rental for practice sessions. It is required that you and your dog have a basic understanding of working livestock and that your dog has a decent handle plus listens to commands. We ask that if you have NOT attended a stock dog clinic or proof of working stock (entry in trials, agility, etc.) that you complete a herding instinct test prior to booking a practice session. Currently we do not teach lessons, it is something we will be seeking to do in the future!

In Fall 2022, we will be launching the newest addition to our dog operation- boarding! The facility will feature six (6) climate controlled indoor stalls with outdoor runs, and a half acre dog yard complete with auto waters! Packages and details will be published when this exciting service launches Fall 2022!


Cowboy Up

In the Summer of 2019, we hosted the very first Cattle Clinic in Bourbon County possibly ever. The session lasted three hours and had over 15 participants, selling out. Participants learned about flight zones, horse positioning, and how to introduce a horse to cattle: from a trainers perspective. Since then, several others have began teaching clinics of their own utilizing a very similar format as we had, showing that there was an interest in the working cow horse world. Taking that interest, we branched into providing practices for people to hone their skills in a more self-focused environment. Of course, why practice something if you cannot test your skills? Thus, the first Beat the Heat Sorting was started. With 32 teams, winners walked away with a check and a buckle!


Lesson Program

Here at Shadow Hills Ranch, we believe that education is something for all who wish to learn. Our lessons are done very differently than other facilities in the area. We focus on the goal and reality of the student: a trail horse taking a few lessons will not become an NFR caliber roping horse in two sessions! In order to provide the most for our students, we developed several ciriculums and bundle the sessions together as one. When the student arrives to the first lesson, the path will be laid out in front of them and over the course of several sessions the goal will become closer and closer. After completion, we highly recommend continuing with lessons as long as the student learns something new each time. We currently offer four (4) lesson packages. Each package is a ten-week program, scheduled by the student and spaced out depending on progress. Each session averages one and a half hours, including saddling, warm-up, cool down. Students trailer in and/or board with Shadow Hills Ranch, only one package includes a SHR lesson horse.
Ranch Horse Package
The objective of this lesson package is to take you and your horse to the next level for showing or working. We will be covering the basics and expectations of a Shadow Hills Ranch working horse: from handling to cattle reading skills. By the end of the program, you should be confident inside the sorting pen, arena, field/pasture, and trail- ready to take on anything a working horse might see!
Roping Package
By ropers, for new and seasoned ropers! The objective is to take you and your horse to the next level in the world of ranch roping. This is for the novice to intermediate rider/roper. We will start on the ground, learning or reviewing the basics and the lingo, progressing and learning cattle skills, horsemanship, and rope skills inside the controlled environment of the arena. Those who progress at an excellerated rate will be roping in the pasture, no different than we do during tagging/doctoring season.
Cutting Package
This package has extreme emphasis on horsemanship. You will spend quite a bit of time learning the necessary maneuvers to succeed in the cutting arena, which includes time on the flag. Over time and as these skills are developed, the flag will become live cattle. This is a very complex package and we recommend lessons be spaced out to assure the independant practice be worked on to allow us to grow and create a solid foundation. This is ideal for anyone showing in any cattle sports, whether specifically cutting or sorting, rein cow horse, or penning.
Beginner Package
Everyone has to start somewhere, and nobody is born in the saddle. Allow us to build the basics of horsemanship and set you up for success no matter the discipline you decide to go! A solid foundation allows you to continue your horse journey with confidence and knowledge.

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