Shadow Hills Ranch

Established in 2018, Shadow Hills Ranch is a 138 acre working cattle ranch located in Bourbon County, Kentucky. As first generation ranchers, we started with a small affordable herd and a big dream, it has been through hard work and dedication that we have grown into a competitive operation striving to provide the highest quality grass-fed beef possible. We believe that quality beef is created by taking the superior genetics from several breeds and obtaining a hybrid vigor product. Our current herd consists primarily of Angus cattle that will be influenced by both Longhorn and British White crossbreeding. Every born-on-property animal that meets our standards will wear our brand on their left flank. In time, we hope that the brand means as much to you as it means to us!


Shadow Hills Ranch- Equine Operation

Our equine operation consists of two branches: Training and Sales. Our facility is set to handle up to nine client horses at a time, focusing on an array of objectives depending on the client's needs. Being an active cattle ranch, our primary discipline is the Western horsemanship style. Our SHR horses see work on a daily basis in our fields and work cattle on the regular, which led to the creation of our training operation. We offer clients and their horses the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to safely and effectively handle ranch work, no matter the surroundings and work load. Please see our Training tab for more information and for pricing!

Shadow Hills Ranch

Where Kentucky meets the West

Pictures truly are worth a thousand words, and here on the ranch there seems to be plenty of opportunity for really spectacular photographs! One thing truly special about Shadow Hills is that it offers a glimpse of the American West, right here in Kentucky.

Whether it is through our rodeo and ranch-style events, our daily chores list, or just seeing nature left in peace: the perfect snapshot of the moment can be obtained. We encourage everyone to scroll through our gallery, follow our instagram, and capture YOUR moments while out on the ranch. Opportunity awaits!

Frequently asked questions

1Where is the ranch located?
Shadow Hills Ranch is located just off of Cane Ridge Road between Mt Sterling and Paris. We are still Bourbon County. When looking up our address on any device, sometimes GPS will take you to our neighbor's property, so be sure to look for our sign and ranch entrance! For standard vehicles and trailers, we ask you use our main entrance. For large and tall standing trailers or trucks, please use our Truck Entrance.
2What type of horse training do you offer and what is the rate?
We offer several different training services that are open to any breed and discipline, though primarily we train in the Western style of horsemanship. Our rates differ depending on what the client's objectives are and what board requirements are. Please refer to our Training tab for more information!
3Do you stand a stud or sell horses?
Currently we do not have a stallion, however we have several prospects who will be hitting the show circuit when they are of age! Depending on how well our prospects do will determine if we will offer stud services and breeding, please stay tuned for updates. We do offer sales through both consignment and ranch owned horses. Please refer to our Available Horses tab for more information!
4What events do you offer and how do I sign up?
Currently we offer several events and competitions. Under our Events tab, you will see all offered events, clinics, and competitions. To sign up, simply click on the event of interest and follow the instructions! Facebook registration will no longer be offered. If you have any questions, please contact us!
5Do you sell quarter/half/full beef and do you sell live cattle?
Currently we do not offer any beef packages. We are working very hard at creating the best possible product prior to opening orders to the public. Once we are satisfied with our beef product we will open a new tab where you can order beef and cut packages! Live cattle are for sale in numerous forms. Please refer to the Cattle tab to see our for sale bulls and calves.
6Do you board horses or offer riding lessons?
We do not offer boarding at Shadow Hills Ranch. Our barn and pastures are dedicated to horses in training. However, during the winter when our training operation slows we have only two spots open for pasture board. Please contact us to start the discussion if you are interested. We do the following lessons: roping, western riding, and sorting. You can sign up and register for lessons under the Training tab!
7Is your facility available for private parties and events?
Yes, our facilities are available and we are happy to meet your clinic/event needs! We have a 60ft round-pen and a 100x200ft outdoor arena with an attached roping chute, livestock pen, stadium lighting and audio system, numerous seating areas, and plenty of pastures. If you would like to have an event on the ranch, please contact us with your ideas and event requirements. We do a lot of work with local veteran and first-responder organizations, humane society and equine rescues. If your organization would like to be apart of a currently organized event or have a fundraiser, please contact the page.
8Is it possible to visit the ranch prior to having a horse trained or attending an event?
Aside from events and scheduled visits, Shadow Hills Ranch is not open to the public. You can make an appointment or schedule a visit for you and/or your family by contacting the page!
9Are dogs welcome on property?
We are a dog friendly facility and love our four-legged friends! We also are a working cattle ranch and have rules regarding dogs. All dogs must be well mannered and current on vaccines. All dogs must be kept on leash and attended at all times as we have a large variety of animals on property, the leash is for theirs and your dogs safety. The only exception to this rule is during our stock dog clinics and scheduled stock dog training practices. Your dog must be kept on leash when not working livestock inside the arena or round pen. If you have any questions please contact us.
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